This reading was amazing.. I am still fascinated and thrilled about it. It is now obvious, that it is written in the stars who I am or better, who I meant to be... I am deeply impressed about the precise reflection and interpretation to all my thoughts, feelings, talents, difficulties, possible powers and signs about my purpose. Jamaal, your reading was presented with so much love and so much knowledge, conection and effort... this was really done with pure Love and knowledge, so helpful, surprising awesome news as well... I am touched and honored to have had the chance to receive all that.. The addition of Tarot was equally mind-blowing..  I am super grateful and thankful for this gift of love and light and being able to analyze myself, respect much more my behavior and use this map of myself to make better choices, more knowing who I am, more loving and accepting myself. Thank you 


-Tanja Braun 

“Jamaal has this amazing combination of insight and tuning in to what’s going on with you as a unique individual. I scheduled a 25 minute energy tune up and I made the intention of finding a more peaceful perspective on my family ancestry. Not only did Jamaal tune in and help navigate my situation and story, but he was also able to listen to me like a human being. There were some things that had he also intuited which I knew of but didn’t have the words for. It was great to hear someone else explain it. He ended the session with a beautiful prayer where my situation was depicted like an uplifting fable. It was a lot like talking to an old friend and hearing advice that both validated where I was and empowered me to move forward. I definitely recommend him and I look forward to the next reading! :)


— Victoria C.”

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