This reading will be a 60-90 min recorded video.


I will conduct a professional reading for you, discussing your planetary positions, houses, house lords, and other interesting facts about your natal chart. This reading is meant to empower you to discover your energetic blueprint. I will reveal to you your superpowers! This will be a full natal chart reading, including personal planets, outer planets, asteroids, and important fixed stars. After delivery, I will also get with you to schedule a live video call where we can talk about your reading more in depth. 


In the video, I will show you your natal chart and explain what it is showing. I will also conduct a tarot reading at the end of the video. 


When you purchase the reading, you will receive an email from me informing you around the time you can expect your reading to be delivered. I also will require needed info from you so I can complete your order. Depending upon the volume of readings I have, please allow for up to two weeks for delivery, as I will conduct the readings on a first come first serve basis. 

Deluxe Astrology/Tarot Report


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