We rob ourselves

Of inner peace

The moment a burst

Of creativity and 


Exudes from the

Inner Sun

And our response is

That of misguided


The answer is simple. You have the answer. You are the answer. Sometimes, it is hard to to see that. Believe me, I've been there. More times than I would like to admit, but I will own up to that fact. We as humans are messy. We are clumsy. We are idealistic and in the name of those ideals, will sometimes disregard those we feel aren't on the same page. However, we are all a part of the same book. Different chapters may have different contents, different characters and themes, however, without that diversity, the human story would not be as inspiring as it is. The fact of the matter is that our collective story is changing. It is evolving. Rapidly. Now more than ever, we bear witness to these rapid developments in our daily lives. It seems like time has sped up. Waking life has become lucid. It doesn't seem real, but this is our reality. 

For me personally, Astrology opened up the door for me to realize that the answers are within me. I was given this blueprint, a personal manual for this incarnation. It opened my eyes and opened my heart. I was inspired and motivated. Did others know about this esoteric art? Like really know about it? I had to share. I had to explore. I had to learn. I was always fascinated with the stars, the planets, space itself. One of my earliest childhood memories was dream where I came to Earth in a spaceship. One of my earliest dreams as a kid was to go to space. Interesting enough, I became in Astronaut, as I would explore (and continue to explore) the most important space. Myself. That is why I do this work, this service. I want others to know that they themselves ARE the Stars, ARE the planets, ARE the universe. We have the answers within us all. Sometimes, we just need a little reminder. Blissings!

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