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Have a burning question about your current situation? Want to know more about your purpose or simply become more acquainted with the esoteric arts. I provide a number of services designed to empower you, help you along your spiritual journey, and remind you of your unique superpowers and gifts. 



I make a great deal of free content on YouTube under the name "Astro Fenixx" and Instagram as astrofenixx_rising. If you want to learn more about Astrology/Tarot and the esoteric arts in a fun and fresh manner, be sure to follow me on my YouTube and Instagram pages. We would love for you to join this growing community.



In addtion to making videos, I do a great deal of writings covering a various scope of subjects, usually spiritual in nature. Whether it is poetry, short stories, articles, or blog posts, this is where I channel the information of the cosmos via writen word. 



My name is Jamaal Pope, aka "Astro Fenixx". I have been interested in Astrology/Tarot/and the Esoteric Arts for most of my Life, and have been actively practicing for about five years. My journey of self discovery began in fourth grade when I discovered creative writing. Being able to create a world with cool and dynamic characters in fantastical settings was really inspiring to me. I was in. Motivated. Ready to go. Naturally, I would come across challenges along the way, however, these challenges would help lay the foundation for all of the spiritual work I have done in this life and will continue to do. Every journey is unique and what I have come to discover, is that we are all powerful co-creators. Sometimes, we just need to right push from the right person to guide us in the direction that resonates with our soul the most. Perhaps, I can be said guide for you!


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